Scope & Results

The main scope of INCREMENTA is to:

  • promote the implementation of an Innovation Management System in SMEs
  • provide guidance in the implementation and maintenance of an Innovation Management System in SMEs
  • develop basic and transversal skills using innovative methods, concerning innovation and creativity
  • promote creativity and collaboration in SMEs
  • help SMEs successfully rapidly react, adapt to changes and manage challenges
  • familiarize SMEs with the Standard CEN 16555-5 Innovation Management
  • provide training material based on the Standard CEN 16555-5 Innovation Management – Part 5 and -Part 6, regarding creativity and collaboration in SMEs
  • develop high-quality work-based VET, well adapted to the current needs of the labor market
  • contribute to the professional development of VET teachers and trainers
  • facilitate the adaptation of SMEs to the modern economic situation
  • facilitate the adaptation of VETs to the modern economic needs.

 The main results of INCREMENTA are expected to be:

  • The Innovation Management System Guidebook for SMEs with Creativity and Collaboration Management contents that support the IMS implementation based on CEN/ TS 16555-6 - Part 6 and Part 5. The Guidebook also includes a Health Check of Creativity and Collaboration Management in SMEs with questionnaires that will assist the SMEs managers to understand the level of Creativity and Collaboration Management currently implemented in their company. The questionnaires will be addressed to both employees and managers in order to provide a holistic overview of the company’s level in terms of these two aspects of the Innovation Management System.
  • A 30-hour training program for Creativity and Innovation Management System in SMEs in the framework of an overall Innovation Management System. It consists of a training curriculum - based on ECVET system - and materials (ppts, handouts, exercises, activities, resources), a joint staff event for testing and national trainings to 20 companies in Ireland, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Bulgaria and Hungary.
  • An online platform for SMEs’ innovation, that consists of Collaboration board games, Innovation Thinking decision tree and Innovation Management mini games. The aim of the online platform is for SMEs’ staff and management to practice creativity and collaboration through a fun and attractive environment that incorporates gamification techniques.

All the above constitute an effective educational method, which can help SMEs rapidly react and adapt to changes and contribute to manage challenges. The training material will support the adjustment to modern economic needs and will contain work-based elements, as well as elements directed towards the development of innovative entrepreneurial skills. This material will also be of use of VET centers, teachers and trainers, as it can help them adapt to the current needs of the labor market and will provide them a competence profile of persons, responsible of establishing and maintaining the IMS within the company.

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